Invite a Judge

If you wish to get your record verified on spot you can Invite a Judge from Star India Book of Records in your record breaking/making attempt. It will include some cost which will be decided according to the distance of the record making location and the duration of record making/ breaking activity.

What type of facilities, will be at your disposal after getting this service

  • Advice on the types of record that can be attempted.
  • PR support with coverage in National/state print or electronic media (Facility available without adjudication package also).
  • Fast Track internal application process, and issuance of the record guidelines.
  • Certificate on the spot if the record attempt is successful and up-to 5 additional certificates (for Sponsors, Supporters and Volunteers etc.)
  • License for the usage of Star India Book of Records logo for creating awareness about your record attempt for up to 3 weeks on leaflets, pamphlets, your website, newspaper and your record breaking/making event will be displayed in our new updates of the website.
  • Announcement of the successful record by the judge.

Rules and Regulations:

  • To seek the adjudicator, contact us at least 15 days prior to your attempt.
  • Details about the record must be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the record attempt.
  • Star India Book of Records Judge will provide an on spot provisional certificate and the pack to the organizer / record holder with an announcement of the record before public and/ or media.
  • The final certificate will be dispatched once we get the videos and pictures of the record attempt along with any other required documents if applicable from the organizer.
  • Final certificate will be issued only if the record breaking attempt goes successful.
  • In case of the group attempt Invite a Judge Form needs to be filled by the organizer or the leader of the attempt.
  • In case of a kid (age less than 14 years) the parent / guardian is required to fill the claimant and application form to facilitate the adjudication service.
  • To get an adjudication service you can call us at :- +919829743779 or write to us at